What are the Kodi Repositories?

Kodi Repositories

Kodi Repositories help install add-ons to Kodi, in order to stream content from online. KODI is a media player which is capable of streaming media content from both offline and online location. In order to stream content from online, you need the help of some additional programs called add-ons.

There are two types of Kodi addons. One is the official add-ons and the other is 3rd party add-ons. Add-ons are script files for screaming remote contents. And to install them to Kodi, you need the help of repositories. In other words, to install these add-ons we first need to install the Kodi repositories. These Kodi repos will contain the dependencies files required for the proper functioning of add-ons. In this article, we will explain what is Kodi repository and a list of best Kodi repositories.

What are the Kodi repositories?

Repositories act as a space to store common files and they are accessed by add-ons. For the proper functioning of add-ons, a lot of files are required. These support files are called dependencies. Some of the most used dependencies are scrapper and URL Resolver. When developing an addon, the developers use call by function method to call these dependencies files into action.

Since some of these files have copyright protection, the developers can only use them. they can modify or change stuff. These files are available in the repository. And when calling for a certain function, the corresponding function will respond from the repository.

Some developers may have their own repository some may not. Since most of these files are open source, some developers are skilled enough to change the base code and host it in their own repository. One such repository is Blamo Repository. He is the co-developer of URL Resolver and Exodus.

Some add-ons are standalone add-ons, which means it doesn’t use call by function method. Instead, it includes all the files in its script. By doing so the size of the addon is increased and performance is reduced on a minuscule. You can also install standalone add-ons, but some of the add-ons are developed as a hobby by the developer and you can expect the support for the prolonged time. So it’s not advisable to install standalone add-ons unless there is no other alternative.

Instead, install the repository and then install the add-ons from the repository. In doing so you don’t need to update each and every add-ons. Most of the repository are auto-updateable. Which in turn automatically update the add-ons. A single repository can be shared by many add-ons. Since the dependencies files shared by add-ons are same. And a single addon can be found in many repositories. 

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Kodi Repositories vs Kodi Builds

Repository and builds are two whole new concepts, In order to install addons, we need some basic dependencies files. These files are available in the repository. And we can proceed to addon installation after installing the repository. By doing so we can prevent lots of future errors such as dependency error, etc. And a lot of addons can share the same repository. So the repository is like one-time installation work. On the other hand, there are stand-alone addons, which don’t require repository installation.

Kodi Builds are like modded Kodi software. since Kodi is an open-source program its source code is available on the internet. Developers are free to modify the source code. Such a modified program is called Kodi builds. Though they have the same framework, They got some amazing interface and features. The repositories and addons are integrated into Kodi builds. You don’t have to install each and every addon. Most of the best addons are inbuild. With a single click, you can update your default Kodi to any of the working builds.

How to install kodi Repositories

There are two methods available to install repository.

  • Install from a Zip file.
  • Install by using the path of the repository.

In install from zip file method, we will download the required files on our local hardware. And during installation, we will redirect to the installer stored location. Whereas in another method we will directly enter the path in the installer and during installation, the installer will download the required files.

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Final words

With a few words, add-ons are an important part of Kodi that helps expends its capabilities. But to install add-ons you need to install first Kodi repositories need the help of repositories.

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