How to Install Home Security Camera Systems

How to Install Home Security Camera Systems – There are many different reasons for installing a home security camera system in your house.

They can deter criminals from getting away and also help busy parents keep track of their young ones from hazards inside their homes. These are just examples of ways on how cameras can make a home more secure.

How to Install Home Security Camera Systems

A security camera system is a CCTV (closed circuit television network), this means that the camera signal broadcasted is only viewable in a private network that is set up at the residence where the security camera system is installed. The security cameras are part of the system and thus installing them can be a somewhat hard process, which is not actually overly complex in establishing the necessary connections between the components.

Preparing to Install the Security Cameras

The first and foremost basic step in installing home security cameras is preparation. Make sure that all the necessary components are available and choose the points where the security cameras are going to be installed.

Necessary Installation Components

There are components that are very necessary for a security cameras system and they include a digital video recorder ( DVR ), surveillance cameras, power supply,a monitor and cables. The security cameras are for taking video footage of all the areas that are to be under surveillance, whereas the Digital Video Recorder is for displaying live scenes on the monitor and recording the footage. The commonly used cable in the installation process is the RG 59. The surveillance system must have a monitor which shows the footage. The monitor could be a computer or television monitor.

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The Security Cameras Installation Process

The security cameras installation process is a fairly complex process. It is recommended to be done by those who are handy with the tools..

Setting up the Wiring

This includes running the wire between the walls and making holes on the ceiling and the floor. Dedicate one room of your house for the connections i.e the digital video recorder, the monitor and the power supply.A hole will have to be made in the room through which all the connecting wires will be placed. The connecting wires must then be directed walls to the point where the camera is located.

Placing the Cameras

The mounting systems for surveillance cameras often differ so the best way is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placing the security cameras. Dome cameras usually require that a circle be cut from the ceiling where the home security camera will be placed. It is very difficult to accomplish this without the necessary tools for the work. The bullet cameras on the other hand do not take much further laborious work for installation, as generally they employ screws. After you are done with the process connect the digital video recorder to the camera using the RG 59 cable.

Lastly, the cable with an RCA should be used to connect the monitor with the digital video recorder. Once this connection is made, the systems power supply can be now plugged in and the security cameras will start working.