Benefits of 960H Security Camera System

Benefits of 960H Security Camera System – 960H DVR has high resolution technology which is used in the CCTV industry The DVR resolution of the Security Camera is 960H.

960H DVR, 960H DVR Surveillance Systems and 960h security cameras has 800+ TVL weatherproof cameras, 65 feet IR LEDs for night vision, upgradable 500 GB Hard Disk for 144 hours of high definition (HD) recording for 30 days at low lighting conditions in the dark room or at night, 984 feet long distance transmit range, external storage transfer and USB backup, expandable memory of 3TB, remote or wireless access, customer support, and a 1-year warranty.

Benefits of 960H Security Camera System

The features of 960H DVR Cameras are as follows:

800+ TVL Cameras and 960H DVRs

The 960H DVR has high resolution technology which is used in the CCTV industry. This is accomplished through the use of high quality cameras which provide the highest TVL resolution. This allows you to view your streams on the TVL platform.

Remote/Wireless Access

Because we live in the age of the internet, it is increasingly important for a DVR kit to have not only good quality construction and high picture quality, but also to be accessible in a variety of ways. All of the latest TVL CCTV products allow for access through a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac device though the use of our Link app. Connection is as simple as scanning a QR code and logging into the device!

Backwards Compatibility

Our 960H DVRs and 800+ TVL cameras are compatible with the latest technologies. The upgraded version of this DVR is practical and easy to use, as it allows for the use of either coaxial cables, or other cables to connect cameras to the DVR.

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24 IR LEDs for Night Vision

The long TVL camera is referred to as a bullet camera and it uses 24 IR LEDs which automatically activate in low light conditions. Perfect for nighttime conditions or dark indoor areas, the TVL bullet camera can see up to 65 feet or 20 meters away. This allows for a thorough security solution that works at all hours.

4 Channels DVR with 500 GB Hard Disk

The 4 channel 960H Security Camera System with CCTV cameras is easy to assemble. The 960H DVR Surveillance System can be used in your business or home. This 960H DVR Surveillance System includes software and free apps for remote viewing from Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac computers, and Windows computers. The DVR screen can displays 4 cameras simultaneously which allows you to monitor multiple things all at once. At the highest setting, the 960H Camera can record non-stop for 144 hours (6 days).Recording video has never been easier with features such as scheduled recording and motion detection.

IP66 Weatherproof Rating

960H Security Camera System has raised the bar with high definition (HD) picture and image quality. Not only does the camera have powerful sensors, but each camera housing is IP66 rated to be weatherproof and dustproof. The camera can function in a wide variety of conditions, and will work rain or shine.

External Storage Transfer and USB Backup

The 960H DVR has a 500 GB hard disk drive which can be swapped out for a drive that has a capacity of up to 3 TB. Using an external USB hard drive, you can backup and record to an additional hard drive. Additionally, footage can be recorded to an FTP server to make backup easier.